Digital Marketing Strategist
Web Designer, Programmer and WordPress enthusiast.


With over 25 years of technical experience, a creative and straight­forward approach, more than 15 years of WordPress expertise, a track record of being respon­sible and punctual, and having completed over 600 projects with metic­ulous attention to detail, I bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to every endeavor.

If you’re looking for a seasoned profes­sional who is dedicated, experi­enced, and passionate, I’m here to assist you.

Why me?

With 25+ years of technical expertise in web design and devel­opment, I can bring your vision to life. I’ll create a website that showcases your brand and capti­vates your audience.

When it comes to digital marketing strategy, I have a proven track record of success. I’ll help you reach your target audience, boost your online presence, and achieve your business goals.

Boosting your website’s visibility in search engine results is my specialty. I’ll optimize your website with effective SEO techniques to attract organic traffic and give you a compet­itive edge.

Engaging web content is vital. I’ll create persuasive and infor­mative copy that connects with your audience and drives conver­sions.



Leverage my expertise in marketing consulting: If you’re seeking a profes­sional assessment of your digital marketing strategies, I’m here to serve as a consultant for you or your company.

Experience tailored website devel­opment: I specialize in creating unique layouts that align with your goals and implement them using the latest technologies.

Compre­hensive additional services: Whether you need content creation in English and German, proper SEO setup, running external link campaigns, or full website management, I’ve got you covered.

Hourly rates: For consul­tation and concept, the hourly rate is £50.00 (€55.00). Project management and text services are charged at £45.00 (€50.00) per hour, while design (print and web design, web devel­opment, mainte­nance, etc.) and production support are priced at £40.00 (€45.00) per hour.


Proposal: After our consul­tation, I’ll prepare a tailored proposal that addresses your specific require­ments. Up until this point, my service is entirely free of charge for you.

Layout Draft: Next, I’ll present you with a layout suggestion and continue refining it based on your valuable feedback until we achieve your complete satis­faction.

Imple­men­tation: Once the layout meets your expec­ta­tions, I’ll begin coding the web pages using HTML, CSS, and PHP. I’ll metic­u­lously create the design and incor­porate your content.

Website Delivery:  Once all the changes are incor­po­rated and the imple­men­tation is complete, and upon receiving your approval, I’ll upload the finished website to the hosting provider’s server.

Website Updates: You can send me your change requests at any time. To make things even more conve­nient, I offer an update package that allows me to handle your content changes promptly and efficiently, all for a reasonable flat rate.


Contact Me Today!

If you’re inter­ested in collab­o­rating with me, feel free to submit a project request for web design or any of my other services. It’s completely free and there’s no oblig­ation. Rest assured, I’ll get back to you promptly. For a web design offer, kindly provide a detailed description of your project. The more infor­mation you provide upfront, the smoother the process will be, avoiding unnec­essary back-and-forth commu­ni­cation. Let’s save time and get started on bringing your vision to life!


WordPress is a versatile web content management system initially designed for blogging, but it has grown to accom­modate various online content types. From tradi­tional websites to online stores, mailing lists, forums, and more, WordPress empowers users to publish and manage a wide range of digital content with ease.

SEO and Content

SEO and content creation work together to optimize your online presence. SEO enhances your website’s visibility in search results, while content creation produces engaging, high-quality content that attracts organic traffic. Together, they improve your website’s ranking, drive traffic, and boost your online success.

Social Media

Maximize your online presence with customized digital strategies, capti­vating web devel­opment, and boosted visibility through effective SEO. Engage your audience, build a loyal following with social media marketing, and leave a lasting impression with stunning web design and compelling web content creation.